Tongariro River, Turangi, New Zealand

Tongariro River is situated in the North Island of New Zealand being one of many rivers that eventually lead into Lake Taupo. This river is famous for being one of the best places to fish Rainbow and Brown Trout while other species of fish are found rarely due to no other species migrating like the trouts. The length of the river runs next to state highway 1 and through the town of Turangi before making its way to Lake Taupo. Depth of the river varies along the length from being knee high to waist with both Brown and Rainbow Trout travelling into the Tongariro River to spawn during the colder times, giving good opportunities for anglers. In addition to the fun of fishing, people are also able to see stunning views of the environment around them from open space to tree canopy areas giving the fishing experience all the more enjoyable.